Just Nuisance

If you are in Simonstown, drop by the Just Nuisance statue!

Few stories are told by Mothers to their children about drunken sailors, but many of those raised in South Africa over the last decades have heard the tale of Just Nuisance.

After all, how many from Cape Town have had their death recorded by Time magazine, have been freely welcomed on British Naval Vessels and have a statue next to Horatio Nelson?

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Just Nuisance was a Great Dane who, according to the tales of those who knew him, made his fame by helping drunken sailors back to the Simonstown Barracks. Apparently he woke them on the late night trains back from Cape Town and then walked the groggy navy crews back to their Quarters.

More information: http://www.simonstown.com

Laid low by damage from car accident, he died aged 7 years,
revered worldwide.

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